A searing self-indictment
by friskycavepig (2017-03-11 00:26:29)
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  In reply to: 'I'm going to make sure that never happens again'  posted by Cemms823

Of a program whose wheels have completely come off:

"Part of the whole culture, I let slip up."

"We failed and I failed."

"Lack of professionalism," "undisciplined," "the finishing and training of our team got a little stale."

"Kelly needed to be around the team more."

"A program that felt too corporate, a coach who'd grown too distant and a missing intensity in the weight room."

"There wasn't a spark and attitude around our building of guys wanting to compete and wanting to win."

"There's a tradition of excellence that I need to live up to. Period. I didn't live up to it."

"The Irish will begin next season with five of nine new position coaches and three of five new strength coaches. This proved the most painful part for Kelly."

"The most consistent piece of feedback Kelly received from the players who came through his office was that they wanted him around more."

"After VanGorder's firing in September, Kelly recalled defensive players remarking how invigorating it was to have Kelly's presence on that side of the ball. He viewed it as a backhanded compliment, as it meant they'd missed his presence."

"Getting young talent on the field faster...hadn't happened well enough the last three years."

"Hammann says Kelly was around infrequently enough that 'you'd kind of get nervous' in his presence."

"As Kelly grew distant, a program that adores its tradition had become corporate. Players didn't walk into the stadium in unison on game day. Some didn't even know the alma mater."

"Kelly admits he did a poor job developing leaders."

"Kelly admits too many 'accommodations' were made for players, which led to a collective slip in physical and mental toughness. Kelly points the finger at himself for allowing the culture to get there. In his interviews, the players noted a consistent desire to want to be pushed and challenged more. Coming into last season, Notre Dame won 21 games by seven points or less in Kelly’s tenure. Last season, they lost seven and won just one one-score game."

"We didn't have the mindset or ability to keep our foot on the gas pedal. There wasn't a spark and attitude around our building of guys wanting to compete and wanting to win." [Apparently so important, this quote appears in the article twice.]

"My ego does not need to be satisfied in any shape or fashion. I want to win for Notre Dame."


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