Great stories as always. You guys had more than a team.
by cj (2017-03-10 16:02:08)
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You had a family that cared deeply for each other.
Almost a decade into this dysfunctional and under achieving program, kelly openly and "sheepishly" admits to arguably the best known sports magazine in the United States that he doesn't know players on his team. The roster size after a quick count by me, could be barely off, is 92. He recruited somewhere around 80 of these kids. Considering the state of the program and that one walk-on became a captain Schmidt and current walk on Finke is now raising eyebrows, is it really asking "Mr attention to detail" to much to know who his players are? Holy crap, how much time does he actually spend running the team?
So, now we are supposed to be touched/impressed by his effort to learn players names and that he is getting out of bed to have breakfast with them? Seriously, what planet are we on? What the f does this guy do?
Not that a competent AD needs more reasons to jettison this creep, but imo he should have been punted for this gross negligence admission.
PS One thing NFL/other coaches hate is players challenging each other to race. Leroy Irvin challenged Eric Dickerson. Robinson reluctantly let them run the 100. It didn't end well for Leroy.


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