A great story about Greg Marx
by domer4 (2017-03-10 13:05:24)
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Sit on the couch, I want to tell you a story,'" Marx recalls his mother saying. Marx's mother told of how her family had come to Michigan from Canada, lured by the opportunity to earn five dollars per day in Henry Ford's auto plants.

After World War II started, Marx's mother worked on the assembly line. As many Americans did, she bought war bonds. Beyond supporting the U.S. military, Marx's mother had a secondary motive in purchasing the bonds.

"She told me that if she ever had a son, and he wanted to go to Notre Dame, she'd would be able to afford to send him," relates Marx. That was all Marx needed to hear. And thanks to Marx's football talent, his mother didn't need to cash in those war bonds to see her dream come true.


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