Yep, and IMO the two aren't inconsistent
by Irish2003 (2014-12-31 12:21:47)
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Scholarship limits and demographic trends make it pretty unlikely we'll ever see the dominance that Rockne, Leahy, and Ara had (along with Lou's consistent good teams), but I think your criteria are pretty realistic. Heck, with a little better luck (Frozen Five, injuries at key positions, goofy recruits) and smarter coaching (IMO, we are 10-3 at worst this year with playcalling like yesterday and FSU), we'd already be pretty close to what you mentioned without any unrealistic assumptions.

2010: I'll give him a little slack with the QB mess, but we still should have beaten Navy and Tulsa to go 9-3 rather than 7-5
2011: If we pull off the opener against a directional school or don't fall apart against FSU (remember, they weren't '13-14 FSU then) in the bowl game, we're right at 9 wins again
2012: No complaints here, and there's the first legit NC run
2013: A little trickier to as we lost to a mediocre Pitt team but also beat ASU, but we did hit the 9 win mark again
2014: Yesterday was nice to be sure, but still leaves me a little hollow as playcalling like that would have beaten NW and UL easily and made the ASU and USC games closer. We played out of our mind against FSU and credit is deserved there, but wins over a mediocre NW and a so-so UL would have gotten us to 9 wins again.
2015: I hate projecting, but with the amount of returning starters an NC run would not be terribly far fetched.

With just a few minor changes, the above would get us right to the 9 win floor, with one NC run in the book and another feasible next year, and I don't think anything I mentioned was a big reach either. It's been maddening to watch lately, but I also don't think we are that far off if Kelly keeps recruiting well and more importantly is able to evolve his playcalling to best suit our natural strengths.


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