This probably won't be popular..
by viciousweinerdog (2017-03-10 09:50:04)
Edited on 2017-03-10 09:52:54
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  In reply to: Spring questions and observations  posted by SEE

but Harry Hiestand needs to quit getting a pass. The offensive line is full of highly touted players, and players that are "projected" to be high draft picks. When are they going to play like it?

I'm tired of watching our line struggle to garner a push to get a yard when needed against vaunted defenses like Navy. Not to mention all of the false starts(Stanley and McGlinchey, I'm looking at you) that show up every single game. I know these men are versed on the back pedal, but when all of that beef up front can't blow off the ball and move the Leprechaun back a yard or two in the run game, it needs to be explained.


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