Go and ask tough questions, get others to help!
by akaRonMexico (2017-03-09 22:49:08)
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  In reply to: BK is our UND speaker--better to boycott or invite you all?  posted by NWEndzone

1. If you end up in another hurricane this year, are you going to insist on throwing most downs?
2. You've only had 1 double digit winning season in 8 years at ND, if you were the AD, would you expect success this year? If not, who would be on the short list to replace you?
3. You refuse to embrace tradition at ND, instead trying to turn the gameday experience into something similar to that at Cincinnati...when will the product on the field be more flashy than the crap you've added to the stadium?
4. Are you going to take more blame for losses this year in post game interviews rather than blaming players?
5. Do you even want to be here?


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