swarbrick, “I get all the hot seat stuff, but you don’t
by cj (2017-03-09 12:57:23)
Edited on 2017-03-09 12:58:09
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  In reply to: It's not the "4-8". It's everything that led up to it that  posted by 2ndstreeter

take the approach we took and the investment we made unless you believe you can succeed,” Swarbrick says. “And you know, Mike [Elko] doesn’t come here or Chip [Long] doesn’t come here. We believe very strongly that these changes will have a significant impact.”

Yeah, Elko at Wake Forest and Long at Memphis were tough sells.

Elko, "Let's see Notre Dame, Wake Forest...hmm Notre Dame, Wake Forest...Okay, I'm in."

Long, "Let's see Notre Dame Memphis...hmm Notre Dame, Memphis...Okay, I'm in."

Can you imagine either of them telling their wives, "Honey, I turned down the ND job..."

swarbrick is clueless and avoids his obvious failure like the plague...


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