swarbrick, "In light of your recent admission to Sports
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Illustrated concerning not being able to recognize your players you are fired." That simple concept has drawn you into a vortex or some kind of space warp.

I think Devine's quote is/was awesome and spot on. I thought he was terrific when I was a student. The National Championship season and our road trips were legendary. In fact, Huffman sent state troopers to get us out of the stands and on the sideline in the 4th quarter of the Pitt game. Hopping that wall was off the charts. Devine's resume reads like Colonel Walter E. Kurtz's....

I have no information on ND HCs philandering or drinking. (We got a keg into the stadium...glass houses you know...)

As for my disdain of kelly. That's on him. I wouldn't let kids near him...


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