Good night and good luck
by oldbender (2017-03-09 10:22:26)
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It's time to end this. Your dislike for Kelly overrides everything. Fine, your rights to feel that way. But there have been coaches at nd who have not been shinning examples of good behavior off the field and have certainly been less than good and faithful husbands. Some have had drinking problems. I've spent time with one exhead coach, a great guy, who felt he was treated badly by his bosses even though he was fighting his own demons and his players knew it. I listened to Devine say all nd alumni could kiss his rosy ass. And yes, thats an exact quote. Finally in my limited contacts early on with Brian Kelly I found him cordial and willing to talk with and spend a few minutes with my grandkids. It's just a shame your dislike for Kelly colors everything. And since I go back to Brennan, who was treated badly ive seen a lot of coaches. Finally, the coach who couldn't remember names was better than Kelly. But that was my point. Many guys can't remember names who have won a lot, including me. but enough is enough. God bless you. The only thing is you're going to really be nuts if Kelly has a good year.. then he'll be back.


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