An example would be nice... "but you say things that aren't
by cj (2017-03-08 23:46:33)
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what I say."

"First of alll, I think dan was better than Kelly, even though Devine personally was not a very likable guy and rather paranoid."

You think? Do you find kelly to be likeable?

"And, yes, in passing ahead coach at nd did mention he didn't remember his players names."

Okay, an anonymous coach shared this with you. Got it.

Would you care to at least compare that coaches track record with kelly's?

Lastly, no coaches at ND have had a combination of vacating 2 seasons of wins and being placed on NCAA probation. No coaches at ND have accumulated anywhere near the level of vulgar, disgusting and insanity driven moments as kelly.
He is an incompetent, disgusting, vulgar, bully and should have been fired after the So Fl debacle.
He is also the worst representative to walk our sideline in school history.


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