I know exactly how I made my point. His admission at
by cj (2017-03-08 19:54:26)
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this stage of his ND tenure imo is grounds for termination. That is some attention to detail.
You may certainly disagree.
I like how you avoid the very limited number of roster walk ons and current roster size.
Apparently, the dope forgot that he mined the walk ons for Captain Joe Schmidt and current WR/returner Chris Finke.
PS It is also interesting how you apparently believe kelly's results at ND to be somehow on par with Dan Devine's, others.....
I liked Devine a lot and have stated here on numerous occasions that I was not a fan of Holtz. However, my opinion Holtz has begun to change... I am not sure how many ND head coaches you have spent time with. However, I am somewhat suspect that any of them disclosed to you that they didn't know the names of players on their roster. Lastly, I spent tons of time with players before, during and after I graduated from ND. I also have spent significant time with half a dozen plus players that played for kelly at ND.


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