Other reasons
by oldbender (2017-03-08 18:42:58)
Edited on 2017-03-08 19:01:17
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You didn't state you had other reasons. You're certainly don't want Kelly for any reason. And that's you're right. The way you made your point was that he should be fired for not knowing every guy. You never mentioned anything else. I would have to wonder how many nd coaches you spent time with over the years if you think they all knew every guys names every day. I'm afraid you would be sadly surprised. its best we end this because kellys disgusting explosions are no more disgusting than past nd coaches who got very personal and physical in their player criticisms and instructions. Heck, Lou even yanked his players around by their face masks. You don't like Kelly. Fine. Butt don't assume things about nd football in the past unless you spent time withe coaches and players and tallked abou or witnessed the things you're commenting on.


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