First off, there is no comparison between Devine and
by cj (2017-03-08 18:19:09)
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kelly. Devine's pre-ND and ND resume is off the charts. Second, assuming 85 scholarships, to make the math easy for me/I realize we may have less, the current roster would require kelly to know 7 additional names on top of the scholarship players. He doesn't. He's stupid. I'd fire him in a heart beat.

PS In addition, I stated he should be fired after his so fl disgraceful and disgusting explosion. (And other subsequent disgraceful and embarrassing incidents)
Your "straw man" is that kelly not knowing players names is my sole factor for termination. The reality is that this admitted ineptitude is just an addition to the many examples on why he lacks the competence to lead ND's football program.


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