I could stomach a story like this about a coach who won
by ugoirish (2017-03-08 18:08:51)
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  In reply to: 'I'm going to make sure that never happens again'  posted by Cemms823

a championship or two, then got complacent and let things slip and then was trying a rebirth. He hasn't accomplished jack shit at ND. This is nonsensical bullshit. It isn't quite "I'm gonna make it!" because I'll grant that he's a better coach than Faust but it's the version of "I'm gonna make it!" for a mediocre coach who's been given more resources than his predecessors, accomplished very little and then had a disastrous season that should have got his ass fired.

We know how this movie ends. He's lived on his "I've been doing this for 2X years" mantra for the last seven years with the implication that he's an old pro who has the answers. Now he's basically saying he had none of the answers but he's now figured it all out. If dickhead Swarbrick really did understand great coaching he'd be more convinced than ever by all this excuse making and grab bagging that Kelly isn't up to the job. Just as we told him in 2009.


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