Yep. We are on NCAA probation and staring down 21
by cj (2017-03-08 15:09:42)
Edited on 2017-03-08 15:18:58
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wins being vacated. So, swarbrick and kelly met for 8 hours...whoopdy doo. That's a "marathon meeting"??? My dad RIP would say, "Judas Priest".... I would be significantly more impressed if swarbrick met with Parcells or Dungy....other.... over a period of days, weeks, months....for a complete program scrub.

Instead, let's have 2 proven clueless football imbeciles meet and continue down their rabbit hole...

"Chad Klunder, the program’s associate athletic director for football operations, joined Swarbrick and Kelly for the final two-and-a-half hours of their marathon postseason meeting. He jotted down on paper what Kelly and Swarbrick discussed..... “I was working with Brian to make sure Brian was getting what he wanted and that Jack’s vision and expectations were being met,” Klunder says. “I really served as a conduit between the two of them.”

What the heck is that? kelly and swarbrick apparently require a "mediator" to document conclusions.

Right now their hopes hinge on Elko, Chip, Polian, a new S&C staff and kelly staying out of the way. The O and D assistant staff has been hamstrung for years by the "My way or the highway" attitude of kelly and van gorder. Suggestions by any other staff member were met with fire and brimstone.... You did what you were told...period.
If we achieve success it will come from our players over achieving and kelly staying out of the way of good people.
swarbrick's continuing to roll the dice in a role he has zero familiarity or past experience with....sadly, he crapped out years ago and should voluntarily remove himself from a position for which he has zero expertise....
Our problems reside with jenkins and swarbrick... neither lack the competence or knowledge to run any football program pee wee included. Yet, they hold the reins of cfb's flagship program. It's frightening in its' negligence.
When I joined the board I posted that football at ND required and deserved a separate individual (GM type) to oversee the program and report to the AD. Others including Across responded that they had said the same thing.... Instead we have egos who want a "do over" year after year...
Sadly, and with heavy heart, I will not watch ND football on tv for the first time in over 50 years... I will catch the Stanford game and that's it. I like what Stanford represents and their style of play. It reminds me of days gone by....


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