It's not fashionable to be optimistic
by billweber72 (2017-03-08 13:38:53)
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  In reply to: 'I'm going to make sure that never happens again'  posted by Cemms823

Hell, it's not even realistic anymore. I'm as unhappy with last year and Kelly's tenure as anyone, but I have to say that it appears on the surface that he has faced the reality of the situation and made some major changes. His admission that he was a big part of the failure and his apparent willingness to cede offensive responsibility to others are remarkable for Kelly. (I know, we heard that before.) All the new coaches from outside his tree ought to have some effect, hopefully positive.

I follow Notre Dame football because it's in my blood and I read this board for entertainment and information. Right now, it's more fun to be optimistic about next year than it is to continue to bitch and moan. And, I'm really tired of all the juvenile whining and name-calling toward Kelly, even if he deserves it.

If nothing else, I found it interesting to read that Kelly and Swarbrick met for 8 hours at Swarbrick's house to talk about the program.

Snarky responses are anticipated.


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