We need Golson to stay and play both QB's next year
by msnd (2014-12-31 12:03:49)
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  In reply to: if he sticks with yesterday's scheme on offense  posted by jt

Zaire can run and throw some playactions and short passes, but still can't drop back like Golson. Golson can drop and make much better reads than Zaire, but can't run the option well nor secure the ball on qb runs. It would be great if one of them could do it all (Zaire may progress), but our best option is playing both next year. Defenses cannot mentally swith gears quick enough to QB changes like Kelly made yesterday. The only way it would be successful is for both players to buy in to doing what's best for the team. We'll see if Golson decides to transfer or success goes to Zaire's head. It'll alos be interesting to see what Kizer and the freshman bring to the spring table.


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