I am convinced that Kelly's passing attack
by Bellcon (2014-12-31 12:02:27)
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is well designed and can be quite effective against any defense. Similar to Sumlin at Texas A&M and Graham at Arizona. However they all will lose games each season because it is the staple of their offense. Chucking the ball all over the field more than 50% of the time. By the way, I don't mean in the occasional game we win by 14 or more points. Even Kelly will run the ball more at the end when trying to run out the clock. I mean in games like yesterday where the outcome is undecided right up to the end.

I really believe that if Kelly runs a read option offense, like they did against LSU, the offense can be deadly. Running the read option 65% of the time and Kelly's passing schemes 35% of the time will put points on the board, reduce turnovers, keep the defense off the field, increase success in the red zone and will allow us to burn clock at the end of close games.

One of the things I loved about the last drive was running down the clock so LSU had no time left. With Kelly's passing attack they may have still kicked a go ahead field goal, but because of incomplete passes, passes to players going out of bounds and possibly fewer plays to move down field LSU could very well have been left with 45 - 60 seconds for their offense.

I am not sure what we averaged for points per game for the year but I'm assuming it was pretty close to 31 points. If that is correct then we hit close to our average against one of the best defenses in football while controlling the clock, not turning the ball over and protecting the weaker side of the ball.


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