I think we have to adjust our expectations
by JTS2008 (2014-12-31 11:54:50)
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  In reply to: Kelly's winning percentage ranks 8th among the 12 ND coaches  posted by ShermanOaksND

Many variables have been discussed on this board as to how college Football post 2000 is different than it was pre-2000.
•Television contracts with all the conferences have raised the visibility of programs.
•Coaches make more money.
•Recruits have more notoriety before playing a single down of Division 1 football.

I'm not saying Kelly is the guy OR that ND cannot reach the constant success it enjoyed in the 70s and 80s. I'm just saying it'll be different than it was then. Kelly has to evolve and I believe he's smart enough to do that. Hopefully, he'll learn that the offense he deployed in 2012 and yesterday wins more college games.


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