Mike McGlinchey played great yesterday
by jt (2014-12-31 10:51:42)
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I think that the entire OL played well but I want to single that guy out not just for playing really well but for standing up to those loud mouth assholes on more than one occasion and not taking any shit. He was knocking those assholes around all day long and it looked like #28 wanted to start a fight with him but then realized that Mike would likely just bite his fucking head off and take a shit down his neck.

That's the type of kid we can get at ND--6-7, 310 pounds but lean and athletic and loves to play physical football. It is so intimidating for the other team (and especially the DL) to face a team that likes to run the ball and then to see an OL full of guys like that who can get out of their stance and come downhill at you. It's not so intimidating when these same guys try and pass block all of the time as their biggest advantage is negated and your biggest advantage as a DL (speed) is enhanced.

I hope that we get back to that style of football in the coming years, regardless of who the coach is (and hopefully Kelly gets it turned around and stays a long time). I believe that we can consistently get guys like that and then you can mix in some excellent running backs and a few skill position guys and always have a solid offensive team.

Obviously our defense right now completely sucks (for a variety of reasons that is likely best left for another post) but a solid offensive scheme like that can protect the defense and make them better. I have a lot more confidence in our ability to win a lot of games playing that type of a scheme than in trying to get a bunch of stud wr's and a once in a generation qb.


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