yesterday had to be hard to watch for the guy
by irishrock (2014-12-31 09:39:24)
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  In reply to: Golson's future at ND?  posted by nannywarth

at the very least, he is in a competitive situation in the spring. He also saw how his teammates responded to Zaire and it was quite positive. That had to hurt him.

These QB battles are really no good in the end. Yes competition to start is a great, great tenet of a football team. But, not at the QB position. The starter is always looking over his shoulder, the team develops into different camps with some players supporting one player and other players supporting another. In football, you really want one undisputed leader at QB.

If I was "coaching" Golson (and I mean as a friend/mentor/family member) I'd tell him to get his ND degree and see what happens. I'd be suggesting he load up on classes this spring and summer to create a flexible situation for himself for next year. (wow, what a mistake that he wasn't taking classes while in exile)

Is Zaire awesome? I'm not sure. But the offense is better because of his run threat. The OLine is better, the RB's are better. The WR's should get better if we commit to running the ball.


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