In a season of tough breaks, ND finally got a good one.
by NDMike2001 (2014-12-31 09:15:30)
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  In reply to: Bowl games against crap opponents are bad ideas.  posted by Bruno95

After crapping the bed during the last half of the season our bowl options were limited. Tax Slayer, Pinstripe and Sun all offered less appealing opponents.

A win in the Belk Bowl against Georgia would not have provided as much of a bump since the narrative would have been that ND played the 2nd place team in the weaker SEC division. More problematic, they probably presented a more difficult matchup for ND with a more balanced offense.

Fate presented ND with a good matchup. Kelly put together the type of offensive gameplan we've wanted; Brindza found redemption in a GW field goal; Zaire proved himself worthy of leading the team - and even held for the field goal; Golson played well under what had to be extremely emotional times; the much maligned defense came up with stops when it counted most.

There are most certainly issues that linger: Golson's future; an inability to get the ball to Bryant; replacing Riggs; staving off poaching from Harbaugh; Kelly's interest in the NFL. All that being said, I simply cannot imagine how anyone can view this victory as anything but a huge boost to the program and a glimpse of the foundation upon which Kelly could build next year's team...should he choose to use it.


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