My Take
by Qu1ps (2014-12-31 05:50:36)
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First, it was good to see a win, any win after the way this team and its coaching staff collapsed. Next, it was better to see a win over an SEC school. Finally, though, a caution to all. I still believe we should have declined a bowl invitation because it was, to me, a lose-lose situation. A loss, of course, would have meant closing on a five game losing streak. A win, however, could trick the coaches, the players, and even the fans... into believing this was a successful season which it was not. Already I hear talk, even from Brian Kelly and the media about, "next year could be the year". How about building a dominating defense first? Defense is still what wins championships. Ask the Steelers of the 70's what won 4 championships in 6 years, ask the Seahawks who stuffed Peyton Manning last year what won it for them, ask Nick Saban at Alabama what is making his team a perennial championship contender. Anyway, congrats to the Irish for closing the season on a win and on a win over an SEC team. Sometimes I get ticked off beyond belief but I will love you til I breathe my less breath on this earth. "Notre Dame, Our Mother, pray for us!"


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