No doubt Kelly called a good game today
by Camarillo Brillo (2014-12-30 23:39:00)
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  In reply to: Personal attack aside I agree  posted by irishbluto

His team was prepared to play. The strategy to run the ball and use up the clock was excellent. The last drive, when ND got the ball back with 5 minutes left and never gave the ball back, was a thing of beauty.

So why are so many folks still grumbling? Because we want to know where in the hell this offensive philosophy was all year. Kelly's refusal to call plays like during the regular season probably cost this team three wins.

And there is a very real possibility Kelly did so today not because he has had a change of heart, but because Golson may have been at less than 100% with a shoulder injury. There's a very real chance Kelly will revert to form next season.

We're irritated as hell because this should be the offense Kelly puts on the field, not a one-off.

As for the rest of Kelly's track record at ND, it speaks for itself; and it stinks out loud.


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