Personal attack aside I agree
by irishbluto (2014-12-30 23:25:11)

In reply to: Just curious  posted by minookairish

The constant on this board seems to be that most just want to find new and creative ways to say Kelly should be fired from ND. What is the true point of this constant conversation? He's the best coach we've had since Holtz. Yes he's made a ton of mistakes, but he is our coach.

Is it too much to ask that we, as fans, simply support the Head Coach while he's at ND? If he's fired in the future than have at it, but what satisfaction do a lot of you get out of bashing him? Seems like you just want to be the first in line year(s) from now when he's gone to say 'see, I told you he had to go'

And not for nothing but I thought Kelly had a hell of a day today. Go Irish.