I thought we would win.
by Revue Party (2014-12-30 22:46:33)
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I always think that. It's a problem.

As for Brian Kelly critics? I'm right here.

Brian Kelly coached an outstanding game. Like most things in life, it does not erase the stretch of horrible coaching that we endured since leaving Tallahassee. He was the problem during that stretch.

His national championship quarterback was out of sorts, and he kept the kid in games long past necessity. As we see now, there was someone on the bench ready to step up.

His record setting kicker was out of sorts, so he threw the kid under the bus after his own bonehead 2-point conversion decision.

His go-to running back fumbled at a crucial moment.

When one player is in a slump. It's a slump. When a bunch are, it's the coach.

Brian Kelly coached an excellent game today. He coached an excellent game against FSU despite the loss. Those two statements make his failures between those two games even more frustrating. This team should be 10-3 at worst. Losing to Northwestern was hair-brained on his part. Louisville was a winnable game and I put Brindza's miss at the end on Kelly for throwing the kid under the bus.

Lou Somogyi made a comparison of Brindza's senior year troubles to John Carney's senior year troubles. What he missed was the part of the cause - Holtz changed holders. In '86 it was at the beginning of the season. But I think the change affected Brindza too, depsite the other holder's struggles.

I have no problem criticizing Brian Kelly's past failures while enjoying his successes. Today was a big success.