That two-headed quarterback monster has a chance ...
by CJC (2014-12-30 21:20:48)
Edited on 2014-12-30 21:21:37

In reply to: I think Kelly's tenure will come down to BVG.  posted by SEE

if we can manage to get Zaire's helmet to come off at the right time.

I mean, what a brilliant fucking strategy, to figure out when to change quarterbacks based upon when their headgear comes off during play.

I missed most of the game, so I'm not sure how Kelly decided to rotate his quarterbacks in and out. It's been suggested to me that there was room for criticism, but since I didn't see most of the game ...

But seriously, whatever rhyme or reason or sorcery Kelly might have been employing the rest of the game, inserting Golson in the middle of a drive because Zaire was required to leave the game for (at least) one play and then to leave Golson in the game for the following (second) play might be the most befuddling thing I've seen from Kelly in five seasons.

And, as you might imagine, that's a pretty high bar for me.

Every other series, every third series, every other play, running plays, passing plays, plays when the wind is blowing over 15 mph, plays following a comment by Brent Musburger about a coed in the stands, whatever ....

But changing quarterbacks based upon a helmet coming off during play (and obviously, I'm not talking about the first play, but the ensuing plays)?

I guess it's better than whatever decision might have resulted from any deeper thought on Kelly's part.