Are you conflating two issues?
by FaytlND (2014-12-30 20:56:43)
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  In reply to: Looking at the stats, but not watching highlights,  posted by smcchick

1) Run/pass balance
2) Usage of the zone read

One does not dictate the other. You can use the zone read (as Kelly did with both Collaros and Lefevour), and still have a pass-predominant offense.

If your question is "Has Kelly ever used the zone read?", then I gave you the answers. And today's game shows you more of that with Zaire.

If you want examples of Kelly and a run-predominant offense, you would have to go back to his GVSU days. At that time, however, he was still using a spread offense, but with a rushing game that used traditional power runs from spread formations (i.e. he was not using zone read plays).


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