We need a Will Farrel jpg that captures the UM fans...
by ndmck (2014-12-30 20:54:50)
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  In reply to: I live in Ann Arbor  posted by IrishJC7

over the top exuberance and utter lack of self awareness. By my count there is no free will. I tell these UM a-holes that they don't have to talk. But they can't help themselves. After a couple of wins my neighbor said, "Michigan basketball is reloading this year." A transplanted Kentucky fan asked, "What did you say?" Again,"Michigan is reloading this year." Next comes the inevitable UM post-boast collapse - four consecutive losses. I confront my good friend (really we're good friends) and he storms off. Now these grown men all want to have JH's baby. I have never, never talked trash with them. It's not my style. And this year I certainly had the opportunities after seeing both ND and MN destroy UM. But there is no lesson in that for UM fans. They have no choice but to goo blue, consequence be damned. Any loss by the invincible Lord Harbaugh will be disappointingly maddening to UM fans and at the same time easily predictable.


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