I think Kelly's tenure will come down to BVG.
by SEE (2014-12-30 20:39:43)
Edited on 2014-12-30 20:42:27
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As bad as the turnovers have been the defense has been absolutely horrendous. Just hard to say if it's the MASH unit defense (for the second straight year), the DC, the HC or some combination. Regardless, ND is going to bring back more on defense than it loses. Russell is a potential AA and Ishaq with a maturing DL and Day coming back could be very good. Is the DC?

Zaire running and Golson passing will give ND two nice options at QB and the young OL recruits will have matured. I really like the WRs and the RBs. If Daniels comes back, the offense will really have some great talent to work with.

As an aside, Zaire blocking in front of Folston on the TD run was Holtzian.


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