I imagine schools like Bama and OSU are already plotting...
by BeastOfBourbon (2017-01-11 22:25:10)
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  In reply to: Brady's Agent, Ed McCaffrey start new pro D-league for FB  posted by NWEndzone

their next moves to counter any potential threat to their empires. If this venture proves to be viable, and more significantly, expandable, it might suddenly become much more of a "forward thinking" thing for the rich elite programs to reconsider things like expanded player stipends, outright play-for-pay scenarios, and even acceptance of player labor unions. In any case, you can bet they'll be ready to act decisively to fight off any significant drains on their lifeblood of talent and revenues.

And rest assured, as far as Notre Dame's interests are concerned, Savvy Jack will continue to monitor the landscape.


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