Rocco's sucks. But here's the only good Rocco's story
by ACross (2017-01-11 17:57:20)
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It truly has putrid food and drink. Just awful.

I went there with Willie to meet some people post game in the mid 1990s, in a different era when it was still light out after the game.

Willie was pie eyed from a morning and afternoon of drinking and starving. There were no tables available.

So he solved his problem. He saw some stupid Irish family of 4 taking up a 6 top, with a piping hot couple of shitty pizzas. Dorky, hen pecked dad? You bet. Wife having downed more than a lifetime of pizzas, as evidenced by her trailer? Of course. Two hopeless kids with Irish names and snotty noses and stupid clothes? Did you doubt it?

Willie stumbled over, didn't say a word, dragged over a chair, grabbed a piece of pizza, wolfed it down, belched. Grabbed the dad's beer. Two gulps, and down. Another piece of pizza, inhaled as Sheila gaped, paralyzed. The kids were horrified and amazed.


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