Football Study Hall looks at ND's new RPO offense,
by G.K.Chesterton (2017-01-11 16:58:10)
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or at least how Chip Long ran it at Memphis. (RPO stands for Run/Pass Option and yes, I had to look that up.)

Here's how the piece closes:

All of this was surely very attractive to Brian Kelly, who loves to run the ball, play tight ends, throw deep, and get the ball to his star receivers. Notre Dame hasn’t particularly struggled to move the ball on offense over the last few years but with some RPO updates to their “spread to run” offense they should be able to torch opponents that can’t handle their athletes in space while also minding the run game.

With Notre Dame following Penn State and joining the RPO revolution, it’ll be interesting to see if it helps them navigate their difficult schedule as much as it helped Penn State this last year.


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