Demand because we are capable of it. Expect it? Sans
by btd (2014-12-30 20:27:10)
Edited on 2014-12-30 20:28:06

In reply to: #5 cannot be true if BK does not learn from #4.  posted by cabnd00

Some method to prove kelly will be forced to use this same offense every game moving forward, no. I expected kelly to grasp after 2012 that today's offense was the winning one to use. I expected him to grasp after the miserable failure of 2013 to grasp that this offense was the way to go. I expected after golson proved this year game after game after game he was a turnover machine that kelly would realize today's offense was the way to win. I expected after we lost 11 defensive players for the season that kelly would grasp today's offense is the way to win games.

I did not expect kelly to wake up today and do it. I know that the if he does it moving forward we can go 14-0 in 2015 because I also expect our defense to be better and the combination gives us a shot against anyone. Unfortunately we can't trust kelly learned his lesson today.