Thoughts....and did ND have 7 guys on the kickoff team?
by ndgotrobbedin97 (2014-12-30 20:06:13)
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1. The defense did (what I thought was) a great job under the circumstances handling the vaunted running attack of LSU. Take away (OK, tough to do, I realize) the 75 yard run and they (LSU) ran for 210. If you'd have told me that number before the game I would have hopped all over it.

2. The DL missed Sheldon Day, but it REALLY misses Jones in the run game. He takes up a lot of space, and not having him in there makes it really tough to keep guys off of Smith and Morgan----and Morgan in particular needs the help at this point.

3. The DL depth should be much better next year, but I'm not sure how ND is going to get better pressure on the QB. They didn't touch the one they played against today, and if they'd have lost this would have been the main reason. As we've seen you can't live by the blitz to bring pressure without dying by it too often. The DL has to find a way on their own. I worry about this more than anything else on this team going forward. There is no Justin Tuck that I see.

4. Everett were a man today. You didn't hang your head and cry, and you even led your team down the field after sitting most of the 2nd half to get the win. Whatever is decided in this off-season, this should never be forgotten. Well done, Everett.

5. could never run this offense with Golson because he wouldn't hold up for more than 3 or 4 games. I'm not sure Zaire will hold up should they go this route next year. That's a lot of hits to take, especially when the other team is teeing off knowing they can put a QB out of the game. Kizer better be groomed quickly this winter/spring.

6. The kickoff return.....I have never seen a bigger hole or worse coverage in my life. I don't know if I ever saw more than 6 or 7 guys in the picture and one of them was Brindza. That sucked balls. In fact, ND's special teams coordinator sucks balls. People always talk about bringing back Lou....that's generally nonsense, but if we must discuss it, I'd bring him back just to coach special teams. At 75 years old he could do a better job than the current situation.

7. Redfield....has a lot of work to do. That was horrific on both the long run and pass.

8. Brindza....glad he could go out on a good note, because moments like that would stink for a kid to live with should he have missed.

9. Good game plan by both Kelly and BVG....especially on defense given the injuries. Okwara and Hayes played a lot of football today, but the D did an admirable job against a very good SEC running team.


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