by The_Phoenix (2014-12-30 19:31:14)
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  In reply to: Can we all just cop to a few basic points here?  posted by El Kabong

Your 1st and 2nd points were ridiculous points and do not make #5 correct. #3 only shows you lack faith and objective analysis. #4 is irrelevant; the past is past, and it is instructive (although you seem to wish it weren't).

#5 is absolutely NOT TRUE. Beating a slightly-better than mediocre team. where their coach made more bone-headed calls than ours, does not indicate a championship caliber team.

Rather, we are who our record says we are. We are an 8-5 team. Were last year, will be next year. And every year after, with only minor deviation.

We're not as good as we seemed today, and we weren't as bad as we seemed over the prior 4 games.

Kelly will not win a championship. He's an 8-5 coach. Period.


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