Yep, with no repercussion Golson's poor play was
by cj (2014-12-30 19:23:39)
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  In reply to: The irony is that I think Kelly did Golson a disservice  posted by glennquagmire

"reinforced" and "festered".

Had Kelly gotten him to the bench earlier he may have regrouped.

Instead, he was sent out for more of the same.

(His balloon pass/chuck/reception today should have been met by Kelly pointing to the bench. I'm glad the LSU defender slipped. That was lucky and tells me that EG still has a ways to go.)

All season long I was thinking that we had serious problems at QB backup.

That's all I could figure.

I knew we wanted to protect Deshone Kizer and I got/understood that.

I'm not getting why Zaire was held back until now...

I agree with the disservice to Golson and I'd extend that to the team as it smacked of coaching favoritism.


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