Well said. We are ending with hope.
by mkovac (2014-12-30 19:22:04)
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  In reply to: Can we all just cop to a few basic points here?  posted by El Kabong

As I said below, "Hope and Change".

I've always believed that of the three virtues, Hope is the most important. From it, Faith and Charity flow, in my opinion.

I am one of those who taped the game and went to work (damn, why did we play on a freaking work day?) but one who will now happily watch the game and not delete it from the DVR like I did so many games this season, five of them to be exact. And, I deleted a few wins, such as Navy and some others that I choose not to remember.

But, the off-season won't seem as long, and this season ends with hope for the future.


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