This win was at the same time an endorsement and indictment
by Camarillo Brillo (2014-12-30 19:00:10)
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for and of Brian Kelly.

An endorsement of his game plan to run the ball, to give Malik Zaire, easily the better running option at QB on the team, and to stick with the ground game even when ND was down by seven points.

An indictment because this proves what an egomaniacal asshole Brian Kelly is. Instead of paying forward the lesson of 2012, Kelly first forced Tommy Rees to play a style of football that nowhere near matched his skill set in 2013. Then, abandoning the run again in 2014 with a running back who was on pace to rush for 1000 yards.

Had Kelly employed this offense against ASU, Louisville and Southern Cal, ND would have finished 10-2. We still would have lost to NW because of Kelly's inept playcalling (going for 2, giving the ball at the goal line to a WR who never had a carry in his career).

If Kelly stays with this offensive philosophy, ND with Zaire in the mix to some extent (if not at starter) will be successful in 2015.

If Kelly forgets this lesson (again) and reverts back to form, ND will experience another 4-5 loss season.

It's pretty simple. And results don't lie.

It was very gratifying to see ND beat an SEC team in a bowl. I can't help being pissed because of what could have been this season.

As soon as Brian Kelly learns to stop stepping on his own johnson, ND will be all right.


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