Right here. Today proved what an idiot he is. As I said
by btd (2014-12-30 18:30:03)
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  In reply to: Where are the BK critics???  posted by PHIL_94

Before the game this morning, kelly knows exactly what needs to happen to win at ND and he simply has refused to do it. Yes, he did it today. Yes, he did it in 2012 until the titl game when he abandoned what got him there. What the shows is he is a moron for not doing what he did today all year long. It has been incredibly obvious that today's offense is the correct one. When he uses it we win - yet he still refuses to cement it in.

Good news is we get to see if in 2015 the guy finally does what a freaking two year old has known for years running now and runs the shit out of the ball every single game.

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