60-40 Golson stays
by atthedome (2014-12-30 18:26:32)
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  In reply to: he better have another QB to back up Zaire  posted by JClarke

He needs more experience so NFL out of question.

I have no idea on transfer. It's risky but perhaps the right call. If he stays there are certain situations Golson is much better right now. When we have to pass I would want Golson in the game and the injury to Zaire risks is real.

Zaire does have a big arm so I would expect him at some point to be a strong passer. '3 years of eligibility to add that to his game.

Best situation for ND is Golson returns. Best situation for Golson probably leans towards a transfer but I expect Golson to finish the spring at ND which will give him a better feel on whose the starter and any potential injuries or suspensions (seems like real risks at ND) to Zaire.


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