What a game
by Leahy (2014-12-30 18:22:35)
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There have been many bad moments this year.
This is a good moment.
Lets enjoy.
It helps going into next year and it will help in recruiting.

To those who chose not to watch YOUR TEAM....they did well.
Id love to hear a fan who chose not to watch ( a giver upper)sit next to Martins dad or Zaire's mom on the plane and say i didn't watch because i gave up on the team "

For the record..
I get the apathy and anger for the school..the coach...the AD.
But like i always say..if your son was playing would you not watch..not support?

The kids played really great today.
Im happy as can be..and optimistic that we have a great QB situation and the fact that maybe..just maybe Kelly saw an offense today that will win at a high level


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