I'm right there with you.
by Boomer80 (2014-12-30 13:54:02)
Edited on 2014-12-30 13:54:34
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  In reply to: Family and friends are in awe  posted by tenn_subway

We have all the usual reasons to delude ourselves about this game. New QB, injured players are healed and back, it's been a long time-out and surely Kelly has some new ideas, blah blah blah. LSU may not win by 60 pts (although it's possible), but I would be pleasantly surprised if the Irish are able to stay with them. I'm sure they'll score some points, but the defense is a sieve and LSU has played very tough teams all year. They will be more than ready for ND.

So, the games not broadcast, I don't get ESPN, and I will finish my work day at my desk, working. I'd love to see an Irish win, but don't expect to.


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