It's a very precarious situation.
by ugoirish (2014-12-30 13:37:17)
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  In reply to: I think the boys are going to play well today.  posted by whitefieldwarrior

They could ride a wave of momentum and confidence from Zaire getting his first chance to start and have a decent game. Or an inexperienced QB going against the number defense in the SEC could turn it over on his first series and ignite a dumpster fire of doubt. Tigger the DC may then decide to dial up the blitz against an offense that may not be world beating but has experience against a bunch of really good football teams and we'll all be looking for comfort in whatever Christmas movie is playing on the Hallmark channel. Given how inspired the boys were against Rutgers last year and SC last month, I'm not particularly hopeful. If Golson really is transferring, the battle lines in the locker room have already been drawn. Good thing we have a coach with 357 years of experience to deal with it all.

The whole milieu is just the sort of thing I was hoping for in the fifth year of a head coaching regime. Build the program, baby!

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