Nailed it.
by TonyBullets (2014-12-30 12:43:56)
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  In reply to: Kelly has a Midas touch managing the QB position  posted by ACross

I've spent the last month repeating these words:

Friend (sometimes an ND fan, often a Texan with small knowledge of ND Football) - "Man I think that QB of yours is a head case, maybe you're better off starting Zaire".

Me - "Kelly has turned every QB into a head case or a turnover machine, except for 2012 where we built our offense around ball control, running, and protecting one of the top defenses in the country."

Friend - "Tell me more, I always thought Kelly was a great offensive coach"

Me - "No, his system sucks. He's run off every quarterback at Notre Dame and the team's scoring average we've had in 5 years has been:


Friend - "Oh, I didn't know that. Hard to argue with those numbers. Maybe the Raiders will take him off your hands?"

Me - "As a friend said, that is my idea of Fantasy Football"

The End


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