I see Strong being bandied about as a potential successor
by BaltimoreJoe (2014-12-30 12:26:37)
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This is hypothetical, because the timing would have to be right, but, if he was to do a successful turnaround job at UT (say 9-3 next year and a Big 12 title + playoff appearance in 16), and the ND job were to be open, do you think he would leave UT for ND? This is also assuming ND made an offer commensurate to someone of his abilities/track record. I ask this because UT is the one school that has proven it will spend anything to keep or obtain a coach, and if you can be a winner there you are a king. Recrutiing is a lot easier than a school like ND, with Texas being #1 or #2 every year in HS football talent.


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