More to your point about Spurrier and QB development
by gadomer (2014-12-30 12:17:40)

In reply to: I don't care about the NFL when I am on Rock's House  posted by irishrock

I doubt he would have utilized Rice. Spurrier uses a somewhat sophisticated (for college) offense and his QBs better do it his way or they do not play. His QBs do well for him, not so much when they leave. I would make a caveat; I really like Conner Shaw, who is currently with the Browns. He is tough and gritty. He is a real field leader.

I honestly do not know how much latitude Kelly gives his assistants. I am a firm believer of trusting your assistants and delegating them their roles and giving wider latitude. Pinkel's CEO model is not unique; Saban utilizes a similar model/method. If Kelly doesn't use a similar method/model, he will burn himself out sooner than expected.