Not desperation
by Kayo (2014-12-30 11:57:32)
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  In reply to: Zaire starting-smart move or desperation move?  posted by MikeKelley

Kelly might be taking the opportunity to see what he has in Zaire going into the offseason, but that means he is willing to lose the game on behalf of that educational opportunity. It doesn't mean ND will lose because Zaire might play very well, but Zaire is an unknown in a game situation.

However, it's possible that Kelly thinks Zaire gives the best chance to win. If that's the case, I'm left to wonder what in the hell took Kelly so long to give Zaire a chance. It couldn't have taken this long to realize that Golson was hurting the team too often... or maybe it did.

If Zaire plays well and takes care of the ball, Kelly will have pissed away the season based on his failure to give Zaire so much as a chance.


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