I don't disagree with your substantive comments,
by BoogAlou (2014-12-30 11:51:48)
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  In reply to: It still holds for all sports  posted by Ty Webb

although you still presume too much about my thinking. Because we have so many posts on hiring the next guy, it seems a reasonable time to take a look at all possible deficits in our hiring practices to date that may burden the next search. My original question was intended in part to explore whether ND, as an institution, has a perception problem on the one hand, and too narrow a focus on the other. If indeed the university has never hired an African American head coach in any sport except Willingham, who was not even the first choice, why does asking if there's an issue here incite such a strong reaction? It seems a reasonable question to me.
This thread is too far down the board now so I will refrain from further comments with you -- and I do appreciate your comments.


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