If true,
by Vairish84 (2014-12-30 11:25:16)
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that would be unfortunate. Golson has been treated more than fairly by ND and Kelly.

I can understand him wanting a fresh start, but he will discover a transfer among schools wanting to play for a national title will be a frying pan to fire kind of transfer. The standards are the same, and the tolerance for error is the same. Spurrier is not exactly a calm coach on the sideline and has been known (horror of horrors) to yell at a QB after committing a turnover.

There are very few Russell Wilson scenarios, and I can't see South Carolina as being one of them. Plus, Wilson was a pretty successful QB at NC State, and only transferred because the coach would not let him play baseball over the summer. If Golson truly believes Zaire has won the job and he can't win it back, then I guess he needs to do what he needs to do. However, on some levels that would validate a lot of the comments that he was never really up to the job. I would also then wonder why, if Golson thought he was not up to the job and Zaire was better, why Kelly did not see it earlier.

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It always comes back to Golson not being able to hack the criticism from Kelly. Golson isn't tough enough, or whatever. It's complete bullshit.

Golson is a very talented kid who Kelly failed to develop, just as with his other QBs at ND, and just as his offense continues to flounder despite talent and depth at all positions.

did you just compare Spurrier to Kelly?
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Spurrier is on a different planet as it pertains to QB development.

My only issue for Golson, wouldn't be the yelling, would be could he be the starter.

I bet you thought Rex Grossman was awesome
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Danny Wuerffel was a dilly of an NFL QB.

As I stated in another thread, Golson is going to have to work that much harder to see the field at South Carolina. Spurrier is a tough taskmaster; he will certainly put Golson through the paces. Spurrier will also give Golson all the time he needs to respond to Spurrier's demands; an entire season if necessary.

I don't care about the NFL when I am on Rock's House
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I care about ND. A month ago I spoke about the fact that Tony Rice is one of the most loved QB's in ND history and he didn't sniff an NFL tryout. I just want ND to win...I don't care about style points.

And yes, Grossman and Wuerffel were outstanding NCAA qb's. I don't have any doubt at all that Spurrier is a better offensive mind than Kelly. Not one part of my being believes Kelly is better than Spurrier in this regard.

I've been pretty vocal about Kelly and the way he recruits and builds the program. I've given him solid to even high marks in this regard. I've also been an adamant Kelly non-believer in his game planning, his gameday decisions, and his offensive philosophy.

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but Kelly should look into the Gary Pinkel CEO type of role for himself. Pinkel delegates and lets the assistants run things. Sure, he wears a headset that the assistants probably have on mute, but he looks important and all. That's what Kelly needs to do, but he never will because his offense worked at D-III championships or whatever.

More to your point about Spurrier and QB development
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I doubt he would have utilized Rice. Spurrier uses a somewhat sophisticated (for college) offense and his QBs better do it his way or they do not play. His QBs do well for him, not so much when they leave. I would make a caveat; I really like Conner Shaw, who is currently with the Browns. He is tough and gritty. He is a real field leader.

I honestly do not know how much latitude Kelly gives his assistants. I am a firm believer of trusting your assistants and delegating them their roles and giving wider latitude. Pinkel's CEO model is not unique; Saban utilizes a similar model/method. If Kelly doesn't use a similar method/model, he will burn himself out sooner than expected.

Oh, you are absolutely correct on Rice/Spurrier
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Holtz liked the veer. It's a great offense for a solid to excellent running QB who can use the fear of a dominant running game to set up the passing game. Holtz was excellent with it. Candidly, Holtz's passing game was nothing special. Especially with the excellent TE's he had, along with the very good WR's he had. Who knows what happens if Moss gets to play with Powlus.

I live in KC and so we have to listen to Pinkel a ton on the radio. To Pinkel's credit (and funny you would mention Saban as together under Don James way back in the day) he runs a program and has a system. He doesn't deviate from it...he just does the same boring thing over and over and over. I'm unsure if Pinkel is that smart...but I can guarantee you they bring in okay talent and develop it. Does he care about academics? I don't necessarily think so. But if you look at the NFL draft as an evaluator and determiner of football talent, MU has killed ND over the years. Aldon Smith, Shelton Richardson, and Shane Ray this year tells me that they find size and develop it.

Don James was a very
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underrated coach. I only say underrated because he toiled on the West Coast at Washington. Had he worked east of the Mississippi, he would have outshone the dickheads at Miami. His 1991 team that split the NC with Miami was awesome. Had they played Miami, they would destoyed Miami. The OL and DL (led by Steve Entman) controlled the line of scrimmage.
One of the unheralded champions in college football. You had to watch them play games ending at 1-1:30am. I believed the writers who went to bed early voted for Miami, The ones who stayed late voted for Washington.

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